Houses for sale in Kadawatha (88 properties)

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    Houses for Sale in Kadawatha

    Kadawatha offers a peaceful environment to live in. It gives a great deal of opportunities to enjoy nature. It is a Colombo suburb located on the Kandy Road. Beautiful greenery, paddy fields and cleaner air are some of the benefits of moving to an unspoiled area such as this town. As a result, there are plenty of commercial properties for sale in Kadawatha and residential properties for sale in Kadawatha. A modern 2 story house for sale in Kadawatha, Sri Lanka, is available around Ragama Road and even within a kilometer from the highway entrance. 

    While a single-story house for sale in Kadawatha with 3 bedrooms and attached bathrooms, is available for less than Rs. 8 million on a 12 perch land. A similar house for rent in Kadawatha may be available for around Rs. 20,000/month. The rentals vary based on the location, the number of rooms and the size of the house. However, for those with budget concerns, annexes for rent in Kadawatha or rooms for rent in Kadawatha are great alternatives to consider. 

    Kadawatha town is a preferred area for commercial purposes as well. The main reason for this is the availability of spacious properties here that benefit factories and businesses. Lands for sale in Kadawatha are demanded for both residential and commercial uses. Recent road developments have improved the value of Kadawatha houses for sale, especially those near the Kandy Colombo main road. Within 300 meters of this, in Kadawatha, a Kirillawala house for sale is available for immediate purchase. It is not only a quiet place to live but also offers ease and convenience. It is surrounded by other houses for sale in areas such as Kiribathgoda, Ragama and Biyagama. A luxury modern house for sale in Kadawatha Ganemulla road for Rs. 27.5 million comes with more than 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms and space for 6 vehicle parking. These types of homes for sale exist in calm environments with a great deal of greenery around.

    To make a deal sweet, houses for sale in the Kadawatha area located close to bus and train stations are ideal. This interests more buyers. Most houses are built with high-quality materials with architect designs. Two or three story Kadawatha houses for sale also serve as apartments for sale in Kadawatha. Separate electricity and water meters are available on each floor. This makes it possible for different buyers to occupy each floor. It is also ideal for rental. A number of schools, supermarkets and shopping centres are found here. 

    New road planning around this area will push the property prices upwards in the next few years. As a result, buying a new house for sale in Kadawatha Ragama road or prime land houses in Kadawatha will be a wonderful real estate investment. Colombo can be quickly reached in under 30 minutes, making this town a good choice to commute to and from work. 

    A house for sale in Kelaniya or Mahara is also a good deal for people moving to Kadawatha to settle down. They can also choose from a range of houses for sale in Gampaha, Makola or Eldeniya that are in the vicinity if they aren’t able to find a home that is within their budget range. 

    There are many property owners looking to sell their house in Kadawatha and move abroad. Because of these, even among the many housing schemes in Kadawatha, buyers will be able to find cheap and affordable homes. The trick is knowing where to look!