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    House for sale in wattala 

    Living under your own roof is an important goal for Sri Lankans. This trend is common both in the city and out of town. Therefore, when it comes to a house for sale in Wattala it is not any different. Located 9 kilometers away from Colombo city, Wattala junction is found between Colombo to Negombo Road. 

    A fully tiled independent house at Wattala offers many benefits compared to apartments for sale in Wattala. A two story house, situated in a highly developed area, is ideal for families and you can find many of these homes for sale in towns like Kandana, Ragama, and Mattakkuliya for low prices. 

    A house for rent in Wattala can be used for residential or commercial purposes. An extra room can even be used as a store room for businesses in the nearby region. A house for sale in Wattala or house for sale in Enderamulla suits the needs of families, mainly because of its location that is highly developed. A house for sale in Hendala, Wattala on a 9 perch land is available for Rs. 56 million, while a 20 perch land in the same area is available for Rs. 1.3 million per perch. Knowing the rising demand for new houses for sale with land and houses for sale in Kerawalapitiya, property developers have been increasing the number of new homes rapidly. 

    Recently, property developers like Prime Residencies, Wattala have been interested in land for sale in Wattala which are ideal for constructing houses for sale in Sri Lanka Wattala and houses for sale in Hunupitiya Wattala. A lovely garden, CCTV cameras and air conditioning are commonly found as part of the premises of these houses for sale in Alwis town in Wattala and certain high priced annexes for rent in Wattala. Lands are also best to build an apartment complex. 

    Hospitals, supermarkets, banks and places to shop make up a large part of this town, and are closeby to these homes for sale. With regular buses and trains, it is also a convenient location to live as it offers multiple transport options.