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    Houses for sale in Kohuwala

    Kohuwala is a Colombo neighborhood located where the Colombo Piliyandala Road intersects with the Nugegoda Dehiwala Road. As a result, Nugegoda, Dehiwala, Pamankada, Boralesgamuwa, and Piliyandala are all connected. Because of this reason the property for sale in Kohuwala are in high demand with most people particularly looking for a house for sale in Kohuwala. Many of these homes are designed with spacious rooms, attached bathrooms, parking space and more ideal for a family of 3 - 4 members. 

    When purchasing one of the biggest concerns of most people is the budget aspect. While they are interested in finding large and spacious homes, when it comes to funding it many hold back. To encourage the finalization of the deal, many banks now offer the option of obtaining a mortgage loan. The interest rates of these loans vary from bank to bank along with the conditions applicable with deciding factors such as a person’s age, designation etc. impacting the approval process. Nonetheless, it is always recommended to have a clear idea or estimate of the month instalment you are capable of paying once the loan is approved using a mortgage loan calculator

    Because of the demand for a house for sale in Kohuwala, the value of properties in surrounding areas have also risen in value. As such the demand for a house for sale in Kotte, Boralesgamuwa, Pepiliyana and Delkanda have recorded high search volumes on Google over the past couple of years. 

    Besides this, the value of lands for sale in Kohuwala have also shown an improvement in selling prices with them ranging between Rs. 3M to 8M per perch. When compared to buying a house for sale in Kohuwala purchasing a land offers a sense of liberty for the homebuyer in terms of constructing a property according to his wishes. 

    Due to this reason, while the demand for houses for sale in Kalubowila, Kirulapone and Nugegoda exists because of the popularity of the area and convenience, many people still prefer buying land and constructing a home from scratch. 

    With vertical living also growing in trend people are considering the option of purchasing one of the many apartments for sale in Kohuwala that offer more convenience than a house for sale in Kohuwala or Nawala. Since there are additional facilities such as a gym, swimming pool etc. it makes the complex worth the management fee that should be paid in return. However, there may be issues on privacy that you may have to compromise to a certain extent.

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