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    Rs. 27M

Prime Villas - Dehiwala

Sri Somarathne Mawatha, Dehiwa..

    Prime Paragon Bellanwila is a new project just launched by Prime Group to match the higher standard of individ...  more »

    Newly built  Luxury Specs 
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    Rs. 18M

Galle Road

Inner fair line road

    3 bedrooms 2 full bath, AC, hot water car park Clear title deeds *****Price negotiable ...  more »

The Second Commercial Capital of Colombo, Dehiwala the City of Prospects

Without a shred of doubt, the advanced city of Dehiwala can be denoted as one of the most well-rounded regions found in Sri Lanka. Situated facing the great Indian ocean to its western side, the city is bordered by the prominent municipal areas of Boralesgamuwa and Nugegoda to its eastern end. To the north, the region is bounded by probably the greatest city in Sri Lanka, the financial capital of Colombo. This positioning has greatly benefited this area as it helped the city to attain a considerable level of developments due to the human capital and investments that were brought in through its rich northern neighbor. However, it is not all as the municipality also borders the city of Moratuwa, the southernmost metropolis along the western coast within the Colombo district to its southern side. This aspect has also been a great support for this region in its journey to becoming the commercial driving force that we see today. An interesting fact that should be noted about this municipality is that it is considered as the second largest city in Sri Lanka by population size. According to the Department of Census and Statistics of the country, the zone is home to over 320,000 inhabitants  living within the variety of houses as well as apartments that can be seen in its vicinity.

Buying an Ideal Residential Property

As a city located within the heart of the Colombo district has made Dehiwala into a hotspot for individuals as well as families who arrive in search of employment as well as investment opportunities. In order to cater to this heavy demand, an assortment of properties can be seen throughout this landscape and from these one of the most important are the houses presented mostly for buying within this locality. Such properties can have a wide diversity with Single-family / Multi-family homes as well as luxury properties that include Villas and Bungalows. One of the key advantages in buying a house from this area is the fact that it offers nearly all essential modern infrastructure facilities while also offering advanced amenities suitable for an urban life.