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    Properties for Sale in Dehiwala
    There is a great interest among Sri Lankans for properties for sale. Dehiwala is at the top of the list of cities in Colombo suburbs where buyers prefer to purchase real estate. This is due to the city's fast development and because it is quite close to Colombo central. Properties in Dehiwala for sale has increased in value due to rising demand. These come in various types such as residential properties, houses for sale in Dehiwala, and commercial space for shops and offices. Even blocks of land situated further away from Galle Road offers well-built roadways, ideal living environments and also easy access to the main road. This includes property sale in Kadawatha road too. Lands for sale in Dehiwala has experienced an upward trend in prices. This resulted in the growth of apartments. Now there are plenty of apartments for sale in Dehiwala. These are found in both commercial and residential areas. Most are within walking distance to Hill Street and Dehiwala junction.
    Houses for sale in Kadawatha Road and in locations off Allen Avenue, Dehiwala easily connects to Kalubowila. Kadawatta Road, walking distance to Karagampitiya, leads to the Zoo Road. This is close to the National Zoological Gardens of Sri Lanka. These sites offer wide, private tranquil locations for residential uses as well. Properties for sale and rent in and around a short distance to Hill Street and Galle Road are highly demanded. The wide roadways, ideal living conditions and amenities make Dehiwala a popular city. A luxury house with 3 to 4 bed rooms, attached bathrooms, spacious living areas and a servant room can be easily found within highly residential areas here. Even semi-luxury houses are available in a square block of land. Property buyers also prefer to buy a nice square block of land in a wide, private tranquil lane in order to build their house of dreams. A house situated on 12 perches, 3,500 sq. ft. by a 30ft wide private tranquil lane is ideal for those who are used to tasteful living.
    Due to the popularity of the area, many people also move here on rent. Some families lease out houses on long term while annexes and rooms are also preferred among students and the working crowd. A ground floor of a two story house is usually rented out. Some annexes are on the upper floors of a house. Most property descriptions mention brand new houses because in recent years Dehiwala has seen additional constructions. Travelling from Dehiwala to Colombo is easy in public transport. There are plenty of buses and trains passing through Dehiwala on many routes. Leading schools, banks, supermarkets and restaurants are available around this area. It also has a number of beaches, cinemas and hotels within easy access. It is also an excellent shopping centre, which is why commercial property is highly demanded. Dehiwela, with wide roadways, is a suburb promising great value.