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    3 BED ROOM br 3 BATH ROOM br SERVANT ROOMbr SERVANT BATH ROOMbr 1740 SQ FEETbr 6 TH FLOORbr br ...  more »

 Apartment for sale/rent

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Niveyans residences

Charles place, Dehiwala

    08 charles place dehiwalabr t is a 6 storied apartment which comprises 2 and 3 units in each floor making it 1...  more »

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Apartments for Sale in Dehiwala 

Sri Lanka has been enjoying rising income levels along with the rapid development that has been taking place in the country since the past decade. Colombo and suburbs has experienced most of this glory. With standards of living at a rise, the need for better quality housing has crossed the minds of many people. There is a non-stop drive towards apartments for sale in Dehiwala in this regard. Buyers are eager to buy the best in the market. Houses for sale in Dehiwala in residential areas go at a high market value. This is mainly due to the prices of lands for sale in Dehiwala. This reason motivated property developers to build apartments since many units can be sold out from one single block of land. 

Likewise, apartments for rent in Dehiwala also attracts a great deal of interest, especially those that offer sea views over Marine Drive. Dehiwala and Mount Lavinia are favoured locations for luxury apartments. Apartments within close proximity to Colombo rose in popularity since a few years ago and consists of semi luxury and luxury units. These offer various advantages such as 24 hour security, spacious living, dining areas, and comfortable bed rooms. Most come furnished with air conditioning and hot water facilities. Even friendly staff and free Wi-Fi are additional benefits provided in certain apartment complexes. Both Sri Lankans and foreign nationals alike have been showing more preference for an apartment lifestyle.

Those who prefer luxury rooms in Dehiwala can benefit by renting out a fully furnished apartment around this area during the holiday season. An apartment complex built four years ago, close to the bottom lane with sea side views guarantee a comfortable stay for tourists. Even locals can enjoy a break with large gatherings in apartments available around Dehiwala area. It is fun to sip a cup of hot tea from the terrace and observe the vehicles on the roads, especially the crazy tuk tuk and bus rides that make Dehiwala an extremely busy place. Apartments come with 2, 3 or even 4 bedrooms. Dehiwala apartment units by the sea, within a complex along the Galle Road and Marine Drive give beautiful views. Observe a magical sunset every day from the rooftop as the sun spreads stunning colours across the ocean.