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    Houses for Sale in Dehiwala

    The perfect house is a long-term investment in a country like Sri Lanka. Living in the right neighbourhood is important for many reasons. Families with students and older members need peace and quiet. Houses for sale in Dehiwala is increasingly preferred because it has properties in highly residential areas. A house sale in Dehiwala moves faster as most are built on a block of land situated very close to Galle Road. Most houses have about 2 to 3 bedrooms and an attached bathroom. These are built on a nice square block of land in Dehiwala with wide roadways. Prime Paragon Bellanwila is a new project by Prime Group to match the architectural standards expected by buyers who look for Dehiwala houses for sale. Each house is built with luxury specs and has a/c rooms, a garage and a private garden along with a servant room. These houses are located in wide roadways, ideal living conditions for those who use private vehicles.

    Projects like these are why lands for sale in Dehiwala near wide, private tranquil locations are highly demanded. Property developers design and build luxury houses in square blocks of land. One such example is the new project launched by Prime Group. There are many more real estate developers searching for property in wide, private tranquil areas like houses for sale in dehiwala saranankara road because these offer great value. Houses for rent in Dehiwala and houses for sale in dehiwala mount lavinia are available in many tranquil locations, off Allen Avenue. Dehiwala also promises a range of properties in other main roads within the area. The National Zoological Gardens is one such important landmark in Colombo. This is situated close to Karagampitiya and Kalubowila. It can also be easily accessed from Hill Street, driving down the location off Allen Avenue Dehiwala.

    Apartments for sale in Dehiwala match the higher standards expected from luxury accommodations. These are specifically built in areas that offer wide roadways, ideal living environments and easy access to amenities. A 30ft wide private tranquil land is a fabulous spot to develop an apartment complex. Fully furnished penthouses with amazing views over the city are a great plus in purchasing an apartment. However, purchasing a house for sale in dehiwala gives the buyer the flexibility to rebuild and renovate as they prefer. This suburb is a great combination of residential areas and facilities needed by the modern man. Gyms, bookshops, restaurants and cafes are plentiful here. It serves every taste and preference. The highways, banks, medical centres and reputed schools are some of the many advantages of living here. Dehiwala, with wide roadways means real estate on house and land for sale in dehiwala sri lanka, house for sale in anderson road dehiwala and house for sale in hill street dehiwala are a long term investment.