Apartment for sale/rent

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    Rs. 23M

Brand New Apartment for Sale

Madinnagoda Road, Rajagiriya

    2 bedroom apartment for sale off Madinnagoda road Very close to Rajagiriya junctionbr br Quick access to Colom...  more »

    Newly built  Luxury Specs 
 Apartment for sale/rent

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    Rs. 52M


Skygarden, Perera Mawatha, Off..

    Unit type br 2140sqftbr Very Spacious Apartmentbr 4 Bedrooms br 4 bathrooms br ...  more »

    Swimming pool

Apartments for Sale in Rajagiriya 

Rajagiriya is a preferred city for properties in Sri Lanka. Apartments for sale in Rajagiriya are extremely popular. These include brand new 3 bedroom highly luxury condominiums in fantastic locations, panoramic views being a part of its advantages. An apartment in Parliament Road goes for Rs. 45 million and offers features such as a swimming pool, gym, laundry services, spa, tennis court and children play area. At the same time, houses for sale in Rajagiriya goes for different prices based on the neighbourhood and number of rooms. Since apartments provide more convenience to suit modern lifestyles, it is no wonder that this city attracts property developers eager to build apartment complexes. These include fully furnished units with high quality fittings and appliances.  This city is beautiful and spacious with a number of parks, greenery and beautiful lakes in close proximity.

Lands for sale in Rajagiriya serve both commercial and residential uses. Shops, restaurants, colleges and offices make use of this busy city as it has a developed road infrastructure. There are plenty of banks and supermarkets situated around Rajagiriya. Meanwhile, residential areas are plentiful too. Hence buyers like to invest in a brand new house or apartment. Fairway Apartments, Rajagiriya is well-known. These are brand new high luxury apartments in Buthgamuwa Road, Rajagiriya with 4 bedrooms at Rs. 55 million. Sky Gardens Apartments is another spacious complex. A 4 bedroomed apartment is Rs. 65 million while a 3 bedroomed Prime Splendour Apartment goes at a rate of Rs. 34 million. A 2 bedroomed apartment is available for Rs. 25 million or less. The rates vary based on the quality and size of the accommodation.

For those who like vertical living but prefer a temporary option, apartments for rent in Rajagiriya offers a wide range of selection. These suit those who stay in this city for work or on holiday. Most apartments are fully furnished with living and dining areas. The bedrooms are air conditioned while bathrooms have hot water facilities. With around the clock security and common recreational facilities, apartments provide a sense of community. Newer developments include mini supermarkets within the property. Some also have restaurants and sports centres for added convenience. These also include separate servant rooms and bathrooms along with car parking. As Rajagiriya has many schools, healthcare centres and leisure facilities within easy access, this is a comfortable place to live.