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    Properties for Sale in Wattala

    A city as famous as Colombo, Wattala is known for its prominent location in between Colombo to Negombo road. Properties for sale in Wattala are ideal for residential or commercial purposes. Since it has a large population, houses for sale in Wattala is available on a variety of budgets to suit different affordability levels. An independent house at Wattala in a highly residential area will fit the requirement of both locals and foreigners. For instance, a luxury VIP house for sale in Hendala, Wattala is on the market for Rs. 56 million. Most of the luxury multi story houses put on sale come fully tiled, with 3 to 5 bed rooms, spacious living rooms, kitchen with modern fittings and attached bath rooms. A house for sale offers independent gardens and privacy unlike apartments. Luxury houses also offer housekeeper's quarters and a separate servant bathroom.

    Meanwhile, some ground floor units are let out on rent while the house owners live upstairs. This method provides additional income for the household. A 180 perch land with house can be purchased for Rs. 100 million. Such a property can also be turned into a holiday bungalow or used for commercial reasons too. A house built on property occupying the size of (totally land) 76 perches land can be valued at Rs. 180 million due to its luxury specifications. Properties in Wattala for sale can also be in the form of bare land, ideal for property developers. If it is situated in a highly residential area or closer to the Wattala junction, then the land value will be high. Lands for sale in Wattala can turn out to be profitable investments in the long run. 

    The developments taking place in the city has turned it into a highly demanded, prime location for real estate. Apartments for sale in Wattala is seen to be on the rise with a large range of constructions taking place in the city. This city is developed to suit the needs of the residents. Many national and international schools exist within this area, including Lyceum, Wattala. Due to the availability of land, businesses set up here, making use of the large space available. Private hospitals like Hemas and Retail Super Centres such as Arpico exist in Wattala. Colombo Fort is only 30 minutes' drive away through the Mattakkuliya Road. Wattala is a peaceful area to live in with its high availability of residential areas while the beach is within walking distance.

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