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    Rooms for rent in Battaramulla

    Battaramulla, located in the heart of Sri Lanka, is a burgeoning suburban enclave that seamlessly blends commercial vibrancy with cultural charm. Positioned on the outskirts of the capital, Colombo, Battaramulla has evolved into a prominent commercial center, contributing significantly to the economic tapestry of the country. Renowned for its strategic location and modern infrastructure, this town has become a hub for diverse commercial activities, housing a myriad of businesses, markets, and service providers. Its accessibility and proximity to Colombo make Battaramulla an attractive destination for businesses seeking a strategic foothold. Beyond its commercial prowess, the town preserves its Sri Lankan heritage through cultural landmarks and historical sites, creating a distinctive and enriching atmosphere. In essence, Battaramulla stands as a testament to the dynamic fusion of economic vitality and cultural significance in the landscape of Sri Lanka. 

    This town enjoys connectivity to the rest of Colombo via a well-established public transportation network, including buses and trains. Major roads like Borella - Battaramulla Road (Borella - Pelawatta Road), Polduwa Road, Parliament Road, Ethul Kotte Road, and High-Level Road further enhance accessibility, making it easy to travel to and from the suburb. Battaramulla is a hub for a wide range of well-regarded schools such as the Overseas School of Colombo, Hindu College, Sethsiripaya Government School, Battaramulla International School (BIS), Hewavitharana Maha Vidyalaya and Sussex College. 

    A good residential hub is not complete without good recreational spaces, and Battaramulla has plenty of them. The walking tracks and gardens at Diyatha Uyana, Battaramulla Jogging Track, Waters Edge Boardwalk, and Battaramulla Children's Park provide families and fitness enthusiasts with the perfect tranquil sanctuary from their busy lives.

    Exploring Your Options: A Diverse Range of Rooms for Rent in Battaramulla

    Battaramulla boasts a wide variety of rooms for rent, catering to various budgets and preferences. Here's a glimpse into the types of rooms you can find:

    Find Rental Options

    For those considering relocating to Battaramulla, this town presents a comprehensive spectrum of real estate opportunities, catering to a wide range of needs and preferences. Whether you seek a spacious house, a cozy apartment, or a convenient annex, this suburb has a property tailored to your lifestyle. Renting a house in Battaramulla offers a practical alternative to property ownership, providing the flexibility to move when desired without the financial burden of ownership. Depending on your budget and preferences, explore houses for rent in Battaramulla of varying sizes, designs, and amenities. You even have the option to rent a house in Battaramulla’s suburbs such as Pelawatta, Thalawathugoda, Pittugala, Malabe, Rajagiriya, and Kalapaluwawa

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