• Battaramulla
    • 3
    • 1
    • 10 sqft
    • Room

      Rs. 8,500 Per Month

    Rooms For Rent (Girls)

    • Battaramulla
    • 2
    • 500 sqft
    • Room

      Rs. 25,000 Per Month

    Two Rooms for Rent

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    Rooms for Rent in Battaramulla

    A developing suburb in the city of Colombo, Sri Lanka is Battaramulla. From the constructions and changes that took place during the period of former defence minister Gotabaya Rajapakshe to date, this city has been constantly modernizing and changing for the best. The open-air dining spaces, the strictly graded restaurants, the 3D street art paintings are some of the most amazing places you will get to see in just one part of this city. Like every other city in Sri Lanka, Battaramulla too has a range of properties for rent in Battaramulla including rooms for rent in Battaramulla, sights and many other things to do and see. The advancements in the city has also led to the creation of a number of job and education opportunities for those in search of career development. 

    This, in turn, has resulted in an increase in real estate properties in the market. Analyzing this on a large scale, a clear and direct link could be seen between the increase in opportunities in a particular area and the real estate market. If, for example, the development of a city results in increased job opportunities and quality of life, more and more individuals and families will be interested in moving there. Thus, increasing the demand for housing. This is exactly what is happening in Battaramulla. Whether it is an annex for rent in Battaramulla or rooms in Battaramulla for a day, there is always a demand! In fact, it doesn’t matter even if it is not the luxury tiled rooms for rent in Battaramulla or if it is shared rooms. As long as the time for travel is minimized and convenience is assured in some way, property in Battaramulla will be in demand during all seasons. 

    However, due to these advancements taking place in this city, traffic congestion has also seen high peaks during most parts of the day. You could be living in cheap boarding places in Battaramulla or houses for rent in Battaramulla located close to the main town but still, spend 2 hours during the peak times on a ride that usually takes 15 - 30 minutes or so. Still, because most peoples’ workplaces are situated in this city, there is a constant demand for boarding rooms for rent in Battaramulla. Sometimes people also consider getting cheap hotel rooms in Battaramulla for short stays when they are on business trips from the main branch that is located in another area of Sri Lanka. 

    However, for many, due to the limitations in budgets, temporary places of stay like rooms for rent in Thalawathugoda, Pelawatta or Koswatta and boarding rooms are alternative cost-effective options to choose from. Therefore, regardless of which city in Colombo that you take as a subject in the analysis of the real estate industry, there will be a high portion of supply and demand for such housing facilities. You can also consider rooms for rent in Malabe and Rajagiriya as other alternatives when you aren’t able to find a place that meets your needs but is still close to your workplace.

    As an investor in the real estate industry, choosing to secure your own relax rooms in Battaramulla that you can rent out over time, is a smart choice and a wise investment. Many investors also look into the option of purchasing lands for sale in Battaramulla and building shared houses with rooms for rent in Battaramulla, hostels and other forms of temporary stays. As these generate a lot of return on investment and are a quick source of income, they are a well-preferred form of investment amongst many experts. But, for those seeking to build a house of their own in this city, a more thorough study should be done on the industry and the options available. Unlike share houses, here you are building a home for your family and because of this, careful thought should be put into planning every little detail. If you do decide to rent out this complex someday and it has been built to top standards, you have a better chance of negotiating higher prices for your property. So look far and build smart!