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    Apartments for Rent in Dehiwala 
    Sri Lanka has been making headlines as the No. 1 holiday destination in recent times. Although holidaymakers mostly prefer hotels and villas, there is also a trend towards apartments for rent in Dehiwala as this is close to Colombo city. They offer convenience and ease. Likewise, shared rooms and rooms for rent in Dehiwala have become popular too, especially among backpackers. Single rooms, 1 attached bathroom can be easily found. Those who migrate to Colombo from other regions for studies or work are likely to live in annexes for rent. These mostly provide a separate wash room, spacious bedrooms and a kitchen area. Two or more tenants can stay in an annex on a shared basis. Usually an annex for rent in Dehiwala has a separate entrance.
    The annex rent in Dehiwala, close to the main road may be unaffordable for students. This is why rooms for rent is a better choice for them. Most of these are fully furnished. A larger family is likely to choose houses for rent in Dehiwala in a quiet residential neighbourhood. A house on the ground floor, 3 bedrooms with attached bathrooms and a comfortable living room will be worthwhile in the market. Since apartments have been increasing in numbers, it is quite easy to find apartments for sale in Dehiwala and Mount Lavinia. The prices of lands for sale in Dehiwala has created a large apartment market because multiple units can be sold or leased out from the same block of land. If a spacious apartment is situated in Dehiwala, close to Marine Drive with 3 or 4 bedrooms, 2 wash rooms and separate servant bath rooms, then it will be highly demanded. Such luxury apartments can accommodate large families.
    Furnished apartments for rent, 2 bedroom apartment for rent in dehiwala and rooms for rent in dehiwala are an ideal choice for those who are on holiday here or on a short stay for work purposes. These offer free Wi-Fi, cable TV, laundry services and a great city view. A property from Galle Road or close to Marine Drive gives easy access to bus and rail networks as well as supermarkets, banks and shops. The 1st or 2nd property from Galle Road can also serve commercial purposes. Since it is visible from the main road, a shop can be put up within the first few blocks of a lane. Lately as many people take the Marine Drive route, it has attracted commercial interest too. A sea side 2nd property situated in a lane is as valuable as apartments for rent in colombo dehiwala on the main road itself.