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    Apartment for Rent in Piliyandala 
    Piliyandala is an important suburb in Colombo. It has a large population with a Sinhala majority. Other minority groups such as Tamils and Muslims also live here. The real estate market in this city has a lot to gain both from commercial and residential property users. Apart from buying houses, there is also a high demand towards leasing property. This helps businesses to rent out a commercial space such as a shop or an office premises. Likewise, houses for rent in Piliyandala benefit people who prefer to lease rather than buy. Due to the changes in the housing market, apartments are growing in popularity all over Colombo and suburbs which includes annex for rent in Piliyandala as well. Apartments for rent in Piliyandala comes as separate units in a property. When these are offered for rental, 06 month refundable deposit is generally required as security.
    Apartments are fully tiled housing units have 2 to 3 air conditioned bed rooms, bathroom with hot water facilities, living and dining areas and even balconies. The kitchens include pantry cupboards. Some also come fully furnished. Most are located in residential areas with easy access to town. Piliyandala town centre is a busy area with many bus routes passing through. It also has an active market and a large number of shops and restaurants. Hence, properties for rent within a few km to Piliyandala town are more convenient. Recent road construction has also improved the development of the city. As a result, lands for sale in Piliyandala is rising in value. Property in and around Piliyandala junction and Colombo main road is likely to face rising prices in the future. This makes it an ideal investment for both individuals and property developers. 
    Apartments for sale in Piliyandala suits the taste of families interested in an apartment lifestyle. However, for those who prefer to own the ground floor, houses are a better option. Usually a house will have at least 2 bedrooms, an attached bathroom and a living area. Some of them even have a car park. Meanwhile, apartments offer luxury specs, security and separate meters for electricity and water. When it comes to the rental market, rooms for rent in Piliyandala are preferred by singles or students. These are ideal accommodation for those who want a place to stay on a temporary basis. The rents are lower compared to a house. Most rooms have a separate bath room. Some rooms are shared with other roommates. This city has many options in terms of schools, supermarkets, stores, and gyms and swimming pools. It makes living here easier.
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