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    • Wellmilla
    • 6
    • 3
    • 25 sqft
    • House

      Rs. 35,000 Per Month

    House in a big land !

    • Dehiwala
    • 10
    • 4
    • House

      Rs. 150,000 Per Month

    Dehiwala Luxury House

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    Houses for Rent in Piliyandala

    Rental markets with its properties for rent in Piliyandala suit the needs of residents living in a specific city on a short term basis. Some families prefer to move from one area to another and a house for rent in Piliyandala generally fulfills the needs of many locals. As Piliyandala has a large population, there is a great demand for housing and lands for sale in Piliyandala. The close distance to Colombo from Piliyandala and its growth makes it a good choice to live in. 

    On the other hand, with the value of houses for sale in Piliyandala rising, more people are encouraged to rent a house in Piliyandala. Majority of the tenants look for houses closer to the Galle Road, Piliyandala junction and the Colombo main road. Among these, property sale of a house, with 3 bed rooms and an attached bathroom along with a living area, is approximately valued at Rs. 18 million. A similar house with 03 bed rooms can be found for rent in Piliyandala between Rs. 30,000 and Rs. 50,000. This varies based on how many perch land the property owns.

    Lands for sale in Piliyandala serve both residential and commercial purposes, like a house for rent in Piliyandala Sri Lanka. With Bolgoda Lake being a favoured area for tourists and hotels, the value of the land around this stretch of Moratuwa and Piliyandala increases further. For those that favour villa type houses with 03 bedrooms and attached bathrooms, fully air-conditioned and furnished, properties for rent in Piliyandala, Madapatha are the best places to check out. A rent house, Piliyandala offers a large selection of choices for buyers to choose from. 

    A single story house with air conditioned 03 bed rooms, bathroom with hot water facilities and a large garden can fit a family comfortably. The road development in this region also helps the real estate market creating a demand for commercial property for rent in Piliyandala. As such more supermarkets, restaurants, shops and schools are coming up every now and then to benefit the residents. For those with a few members, Maharagama, Kesbewa, Piliyandala houses for rent or annex for rent in Piliyandala are ideal when you have to commute to Colombo regularly. The good transport system in the area also contributes a lot to this. Hence, rental properties within a few km to Piliyandala town are preferred by many. 

    Besides this, a house for rent in Boralesgamuwa that is located 7 minutes away from this town, a house for rent in Bokundara that is 12 minutes away, and the houses for rent in Kahathuduwa that is 20 minutes away have also risen in demand. Because of their vicinity to this town and affordable homes, many people consider moving here for their children’s education, work and other reasons. Houses for rent in Suwarapola is another preferred area for families with children, with this town also being located 20 minutes away from Piliyandala.

    Rooms and annexes are useful for students or the working crowd. Most of these are found as a part of a larger house or apartment in an upstairs rental house in the Piliyandala area. An apartment for rent in Piliyandala is as good as a house. Some of the two storied houses are rented out as an upstairs house and ground floor unit separately.

    A fully furnished, two storied fully tiled house may also be offered on a daily or monthly rental basis. This benefits tourists and those who travel to the city for a few days’ stay. A newly built 3 storied house for rent with 5 bedrooms and 3 living rooms comes with a rent of about Rs. 55,000. This includes a pantry cupboard installed in the kitchen along with large living, dining rooms. Of course, rental for this recently built 3 storied fully tiled property depends on its location too. Most of the single or a two storied fully tiled house for rent in Piliyandala for 15000 are found within the cheaper residential areas. And a majority of these house owners expect a rental of 6 month refundable deposit. This option also makes leasing a house in Piliyandala much more affordable. When compared to a luxury house for rent in Moratuwa where the rent is an average of Rs. 85,000 per month with 5 bedrooms and 2 floors but somewhat away from Colombo city, a home in the Piliyandala town is certainly a great choice.