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    Apartments for Rent in Wattala 

    Apartments serve multiple purposes. Apartments in Wattala have become popular both on sale and lease. Compared to a luxury house, apartments for rent in Wattala provide more benefits to make a short term stay easier. This is ideal for those who move to Wattala for work reasons or on a rental basis. Rooms in Wattala are usually taken as an annex or shared with other roommates. This is suitable for students or single individuals who look for affordable accommodation. Rooms for rent in Wattala commonly falls on the lower end of rental rates. Rooms within walking distance to the nearest bus stop and railway station are helpful for those who regularly use public transportation. Rooms and annexes within a larger house usually have a seperate entrance to maintain privacy. These types of accommodations are most often furnished along with an attached bathroom while an annex will also include a living room.

    Houses for rent in Wattala may come at different rentals based on the number of rooms and location. A 2 bed room house with a bath will suit a small family. Those who look for bigger houses choose properties with 3 to 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, a spacious living room with tiles, kitchen with pantry fittings and a car park. These can even be found as a separate unit on the ground floor or upper floors of a big house. Most of these are fully tiled but in rare cases, some property has cement or carpeted floor. The rent for those will be lower. Large apartments can now be found in many parts of the city. The ones in highly residential areas with easy access to supermarkets, shopping centres and the town are extremely popular. The rise in value of lands for sale in Wattala has resulted in more construction of apartments for sale in Wattala. Apartments include a living area, balconies with a city view and modern kitchen with pantry cupboards.

    However, there is a sizable market preferring to lease apartments with 2 bedrooms or annex for rent in Wattala with, attached bathroom with hot water facilities and modern kitchen with pantry cupboards. Most apartments are also fully furnished, ideal for foreign nationals living in the country on a long term basis. Many tenants now prefer apartments over houses due to the additional services and facilities found in an apartment complex. They can promote a sense of community when families use common amenities like the gym, swimming pool, terrace and garden. An apartment complex also offers maintenance, around the clock security and a better quality of housing. These can be reached by wide access roads and are nearby supermarkets, banks and shops. This adds to living standards and convenience, making apartments a wonderful choice of accommodation. Wattala, Sri Lanka is home to different ethnic and income groups. The property market in Wattala fulfills the needs of all these groups with its wide variety of houses, apartments and rooms.