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    Properties for Sale in Kandy

    When it comes to properties for sale, Kandy provides a wide range of choices to select from. Both commercial and residential properties are available within Kandy city and the surrounding regions. Most of the amenities are situated within and around Kandy town. It’s not difficult to find supermarkets, restaurants and other facilities even if you live a few km from Kandy. Many leading schools are found here. In terms of properties in Kandy for sale, 'house for sale' is a common ad you will find everywhere. These often come in different sizes and price tags while some are fully furnished. Single story, 3 bedrooms with spacious living and dining areas have high demand. These also have well-fitted kitchens, maids' quarters and peaceful environments. 

    Wealthy buyers like to use multi storey luxury property with a panoramic view as a holiday home with the perfect home design. Newly built 2 storey houses with many bedrooms, 3 bathrooms or more are favourites among big families, which is common in Sri Lanka. Most also include a landscaped garden. The construction boom in the economy during recent times provided more opportunities for property buyers, including those who liked newly built 2 storey cubic homes. These are widely popular around the world and now in Sri Lanka too. Some look for lands for sale in Kandy to build a multi storey cubic type house using modern architecture. Massive lands are also preferred by businessmen looking to convert them into a golf course at Kandy. It's a popular leisure activity among the elite crowd.

    Luxury property is situated closer to historical sites and areas that give amazing views of the hills. These are often used as hotels and resorts. This need has benefited sellers putting up their house for sale in Kandy, especially if it has all the modern facilities buyers look for. Condominium living has gained popularity in the city too. Ads like 'New luxury apartment for sale in Kandy attracts real estate agents and new property seekers. They try to grab the best deals and spots with easy access to the town before it's all gone. Businesses who want commercial space buy and renovate an old property to convert the bedrooms, house and garden into an office building. Holiday homes with 4 bed rooms, 3 bathrooms and spacious living rooms are regularly rented in the market too. Houses for sale in Kandy, Peradeniya and houses for sale in Kandy, Aruppola are popular choices because they are well known for its state universities and colleges.

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