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    Houses for Sale in Athurugiriya

    Houses for Sale in Athurugiriya are ideal for those who look for a convenient and peaceful surrounding in Sri Lanka. Athurugiriya is a highly residential suburb in Colombo. Houses for rent in Athurugiriya also have a large demand. In fact, there is a wide variety of properties for rent and sale in Athurugiriya including luxury houses and properties in the mid-lower range for sale in Athurugiriya. In Athurugiriya, Millennium City, a house for sale with 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living room and car porch is available for Rs. 8.2 million. On the other hand, a fully furnished brand new modern house for Rs. 40 million is available at Oruwala and similar properties can also be found at Galwarusawa road in Athurugiriya. It is in close proximity to all amenities and situated 800 meters away from Millennium City. This is tastefully designed with high standards. Meanwhile, in Athurugiriya housing scheme called ‘The City’, a 2 storied house for sale with 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and spacious living, dining areas is available at Rs. 18.5 million. Its terrace offers a beautiful view of the surrounding paddy fields. This is applicable to many houses in this city in Sri Lanka as it is a beautiful location.

    Due to the demand for housing here, apartments for sale in Athurugiriya have also grown. These provide more features compared to an architect designed brand new modern houses for sale in Athurugiriya. Apartment complexes are known to create a sense of community. Most also offer facilities such as swimming pool, gym, recreational areas and 24 hour security. Property developers such as Prime Residencies and other well-known real estate companies provide more choices than before to keep up with the demand. Many housing projects in Athurugiriya and modernizing properties for sale in nearby towns like Kottawa have taken root fuelled by the higher demand. An architect designed brand new 2 storied house for sale in Athurugiriya on a 10 perch land with 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. The price of this house for sale in Athurugiriya is Rs. 21 million. It is located 2km from Malabe junction. For Rs. 55 million, an architect designed luxurious house is on the market with 4 bedrooms, kitchen, 4 bathrooms, living room and swimming pool.

    Lands for sale in Athurugiriya are heavily demanded to build houses for sale in Athurugiriya including a single story houses such as the one in a highly residential area with 3 bedrooms. Its price is Rs. 11.5 million. Prime Residencies in Athurugiriya has a large property portfolio including brand new 2 storied houses. Old homes are also bought if the land is valuable as new houses can be built on the premises. Facing a 20 ft. wide road, a 3 bedroomed single story house is available on 10.5 perch land for Rs. 8 million. The house is in a livable condition with a lovely garden. This city also offers uniquely designed super-luxury houses. A 2 storied property with 7,600 square feet is available for sale. It has an Italian kitchen, Danish light fittings and Spanish deck tiles. Beautifully constructed in a residential area, this property promises to be like no other. This world-class property is ideal for investment purposes as well.