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    • 2
    • floor area icon75,000sqft
    • Warehouse
    Rs. 982M [13093 PSF]

    Warehouse for SALE


    Athurugiriya Karathota Kaduwela 4.5 Acre Land 75,000 Sq. FT 20/40 FT Container Access 03 Phase Electricity... more »

    Properties for Sale in Athurugiriya

    Athurugiriya is a popular city, which many people migrate to due to its quieter and more peaceful environment compared to the hustle and bustle of Colombo. Higher property prices in Colombo also encourage buyers to look for suitable real estate for sale further away. As this city offers many conveniences it is a highly residential neighborhood. Among the properties in Athurugiriya for sale the commercial property for sale in Athurugiriya and houses for sale in Athurugiriya particularly have a large market. This includes houses at different prices. Lake Terrace Road offers a beautiful brand new modern house for sale in Athurugiriya. It has a swimming pool, 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms along with living, dining rooms and kitchen in Italian style. It is a unique architect designed luxurious house. You’ll also find 2 storied houses for sale such as the one in Annasiwatta Road for an average price of Rs. 17 million surrounded amidst lush greenery. It has 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and a living area with natural lighting. It is in a highly residential area, 10 minutes away from Athurugiriya town.

    There are also apartments for sale in Athurugiriya. These are convenient for many reasons. Meanwhile, commercial buildings for sale, Athurugiriya are becoming popular too. As a large population lives here, the need for new supermarkets, shops and offices continue to increase. An active rental property and sale market also exists here. 

    Among the residential community houses for rent in Athurugiriya, 2019 offer more options than houses for rent in Athurugiriya in 2018 and are quite popular for their house designs. Certain brand new 2 storied houses are offered separately on rent and can also be purchased as a brand new modern house for sale for an average price of Rs. 40 million and located 800 meters from Millennium City. It is fully furnished with A/C bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, living room, kitchen, rooftop terrace and landscaped garden. Such a house in a highly convenient area is perfect for those who look for high quality brand new modern houses for sale.

    Sri Lanka is known for its natural beauty, paddy fields and tropical climate. The lands for sale in Athurugiriya continue to face challenges to preserve its greenery while sustainably creating new property fit for living and for commercial purposes such as shops for rent in Sri Lanka. Other properties for sale in Athurugiriya also fall into this category. As the infrastructure of the area develops and more people choose to settle in this city, the value of land continues to rise. Its proximity to Colombo is useful too. It is not uncommon for residents to commute regularly to Colombo for work and studies. A reliable public transportation system makes this possible. A 10.5 perch land with a house is available for Rs. 8 million. It has 3 bedrooms, kitchen with pantry along with 2 bathrooms, living area and garden. It faces a 20 ft. wide road. Architect designed brand new modern houses for sale exist in large volumes in Athurugiriya. Hence, property buyers have a large choice to select from in this growing city. 

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