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Mount Lavinia: The Location of Land Opportunity

Mount Lavinia has been growing to attract residents as well as commercial investors. With the rapid growth of the Sri Lankan economy, the location has become a key player in terms of commercial purposes. Mount Lavinia has been attracting several individuals and companies to purchase lands with an intention to build apartment complexes as well as commercial buildings.

The Galle Road facing section of Mount Lavinia has attracted several local and international complexes to set up supermarkets, boutique shops which serve authentic Sri Lankan street food, banks, electronics stores and cinemas. With its commercial elements facing the well-famed Galle Road, most of its residential buildings are located in by-lanes facing the Indian Ocean and on the land side.

This residential town has a fairly interesting history on its name. During the occupation of the British in Sri Lanka, Sir Thomas Maitland, the second governor of Sri Lanka, had acquired a piece of land in “Galkissa”. Galkissa is the Sinhala name for the location which derives from the word “Gal Vissa” which means twenty boulders.

With it’s amazing beaches and resorts aligned in the shores of Mount Lavinia, the area is renowned as a tourist hotspot. It is the closest beach within the Colombo district with a large beach which attracts business tourists to stay within city limits when they visit the country for a short business trip.