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    Lands for Sale in Mount Lavinia

    Since Mount Lavinia is primarily located as one of the immediate suburbs of Colombo Sri Lanka, you can easily find several bare lands for sale in mount lavinia varying from 24.5 perch to 30 perch. Today, this highly residential area is becoming rather popular for mid-range apartment complexes where prices range above Rs. 15 million based on the location, the property and the facilities provided. Bare lands for sale facing Galle Road can be quite scarce due to the rapid development in the area. However, there are several older houses and commercial buildings on wide roads which are prepared to be sold to the developer or any investor who is willing to construct their structure in a beachfront square land for sale in Mount Lavinia located in De Saram road. 

    Considerable perches of lands in the mount lavinia map are available depending on location and minute's drive to Colombo. Some of them can be of high demand too especially if they are located in a private road. But if you do your background search accurately you are sure to hit a jackpot. Thus finding land in mt. lavinia junction or templers road Mount Lavinia,  for even less than 32 million! Land for sale in mount lavinia sri lanka within by-lanes like Templers road, Sri Darmapala road Mount Lavinia and Mount Lavinia Peiris road 100 meters of walking distance from the Galle road, are available for investors as well. However, they are mostly targeted by developers who are constructing mid-range apartments in the land in mount lavinia. They are also targeted by individuals and families who are interested in constructing individual homes in land plots with minutes of walking from the main road, since the area is rich in facilities. 

    One of the leading schools in the country, St. Thomas College, is located in Mount Lavinia. In addition, it is also closely connected to Colombo city limits which allows the buyer to travel to and from Colombo with ease while investing a much smaller amount for square land property in comparison to central Colombo. Properties for sale in Mount Lavinia and properties for rent in Mount Lavinia are aspects that many investors and individuals are targeting equally. Therefore, keeping your options open in this area and being on the look out for 6 perch land for sale in mount lavinia would definitely be of worth over time with the developments and popularity of this area being continuously on the rise!