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    Bare Land
    • Kandy
    • 8
    • 22 P 
    • Bare Land

      Rs. 400,000 Per Perch

    Land for sale in Kandy Town

    Tea land
    • Kandy
    • 10
    • 1
    • 147 P 
    • Tea land

      Rs. 400,000 Per Perch

    Land for Sale in Kandy

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    Land for sale in kandy  

    The central-hill capital, Kandy is known for its stunning landscape in every corner of its area of 28.53 km2. The land for sale in Kandy is a real estate treasure because the land value is on a rising trend. Properties for sale in Kandy serve different purposes; some are bare land, which can be used to build houses, commercial properties or even apartments. Land for sale in Kandy Katugastota and land for sale in Gurudeniya are ideal for residential purposes. The other type is a “cultivated” land, which most often comes along with valuable plantations. There are also paddy fields for sale for those who are interested in agriculture. Some homeowners renovate a part of their house to rent it out, which is why properties for rent in Kandy are plentiful. There is something that would suit the needs and budget of every person looking for rental houses or rooms. 

    Land for sale in Haragama, Gannoruwa and Polgolla, Kandy have been advertised recently. Lands for sale in Peradeniya are closer to the Peradeniya Botanical Gardens. It is beneficial because a new buyer can design and build his or her dream house according to their preferences in a Kandy land. Such plots, including tea land for sale, paddy land for sale in kandy and agricultural land for sale in the kandy map are located nearby amenities with easy access to main roads as well. 

    Overall, proper research on the area and on the land for sale in Kandy Ampitiya and Bowala is required before locking the deal. For investment purposes, owning land in Kandy from a Kandy land sale is a huge stroke of luck. This is because the value of the 6 perch land for sale in kandy Kundasale is likely to increase in the future as the demand continues to rise, while supply will ease out at a point.