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    10 perches land blocks for sale in Mirissa ...

    2,200,000 Per Perch
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    8 perches land blocks for sale in Katunayake ...

    1,450,000 Per Perch
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    Nuwara Eliya

    12 perches land blocks for sale in Nuwara Eliya ...

    2,200,000 Per Perch
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    10 perches land blocks for sale in Kurunegala ...

    250,000 Per Perch
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    6 perches bare land blocks for sale in Kahathuduwa ...

    650,000 Per Perch
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    Lands for sale in Puttalam

    Puttalam, located in the Northwestern province of Sri Lanka, is a vibrant commercial hub brimming with cultural richness and economic activity. Situated along the scenic coastline, this coastal town boasts a bustling marketplace where locals and tourists alike engage in trade and commerce. Famous for its salt production, fishing industry, and agricultural ventures, Puttalam is a pivotal center for business endeavors in the region. With its strategic location and diverse economic opportunities, Puttalam stands as a testament to Sri Lanka's entrepreneurial spirit and commercial vitality.

    This town enjoys seamless connectivity to the rest of Colombo via a well-established public transportation network, including buses and trains. Major roads like A3 Highway, Puttalam – Mannar Road, Puttalam – Negombo Road and Puttalam – Kurunegala Road further enhance accessibility, making it easy to travel to and from the suburb. Puttalam is a hub for various educational establishments, including a wide range of well-regarded schools such as Zahira College, Puttalam, St. Andrew's Central College, Puttalam, Puttalam Central College, St. Anne's Girls' College, Puttalam, Puttalam Hindu College, Ananda National College, Puttalam and St. Mary's Boys' School, Puttalam. 

    A good residential hub is only complete with good recreational spaces, and Puttalam has plenty of them. The walking tracks at the Puttalam Lagoon provide families with the perfect tranquil sanctuary from their busy lives.

    Why Choose Land for Sale in Puttalam?

    Puttalam is experiencing economic growth. Despite the challenges the island faces, it still holds the potential to flourish. Therefore, it is advisable to invest in land for sale in Puttalam now rather than waiting until the land becomes scarce. Other reasons for purchasing land in Puttalam include:

    Investing in land is one of the best financial decisions you can make. Irrespective of the timing, land remains an asset that consistently appreciates. Buying land in Puttalam comes with various advantages, including the potential for long-term appreciation, the opportunity to build your dream home or property, and the option to use the land for farming and recreation. Additionally, leasing the land for commercial purposes can generate rental income.

    As mentioned above, the cost of land in Puttalam varies based on location, with urban areas typically having higher prices than rural ones. You even have the option to buy land in Puttalam's suburbs such as Eluwankulama, Karukupane, Marawila, Anamaduwa, Palavi, Arachchikattuwa, Kalpitiya and Nalladarankattuwa. 

    LankaPropertyWeb's price filter is a helpful tool for finding land that aligns with your budget. The online platform has an advanced search option, facilitating secure and favorable deals. Utilize our filters to quickly narrow down choices by location, size, type, and budget, ensuring you find the best options efficiently. The average price per perch of land for sale in Puttalam is Rs. 115,445.

    Selling Your Puttalam Property: A Promising Opportunity

    Selling your land is just a few clicks away on LankaPropertyWeb. If you own land in Puttalam and are considering selling it out, make use of established online platforms like LankaPropertyWeb and House.lk to advertise your property. This provides an opportunity to sell your land at the desired price you've asked for.

    It’s vital to have quality pictures of your plot or land. The buyers first get attracted to images before everything else. Along with that, add captivating titles, detailed information, and sizes of the property that you want to sell. Remember, buyers prefer more information so try to include as much as possible.

    Selling your land in Puttalam is a great option if you need urgent funds, are not utilizing the land, or plan to leave the country. With a wide range of properties available in Puttalam, you are likely to find willing buyers who will pay the price you've requested. By advertising with us, you can find the best potential buyers and sell your land in Puttalam with ease.

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