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Apartments for Rent in Kandy

Lease arrangement is a wise choice for those who move to Kandy city for a temporary period of time. Apartments for rent in Kandy is preferred by foreigners who move into and around Kandy town for work reasons. Kandy, Sri Lanka has a variety of property choices for buyers. This varies from lands for sale in Kandy to apartments for sale in Kandy. Yet, short term lease agreements are in great demand too. Higher income earners look for luxury apartments over houses for rent in Kandy. This is due to the convenience and modern amenities available in apartments. It's not easy to find similar benefits in luxury houses on rent. Apartments are ideal for foreigners and NGO workers who have to move into an accommodation located in Kandy.

 Those who fall into the mid to lower income range lease out rooms for rent. This is a practical solution for students as well. A wide range of rooms for rent in Kandy come with 1 fully furnished room, an attached bathroom and sometimes with a dining area, 1 pantry space as well. Certain properties around Kandy city limit on rent are available on a shared basis, where a group of students or the working crowd rent out a big house with 02 bathrooms, 3 to 4 bedrooms, a living room and a dining room with kitchen.

 Due to the rise of new apartment developments taking place within the city, local families benefit too. They can enjoy the services and security offered at an apartment. Rental arrangements make it even more attractive since people can easily move into another area after their lease period expires.

 Apartment property developers are interested in making sure the property is easily accessible from the main road. Being close to supermarkets, bus and railway networks as well as shopping centres are important. Kandy Municipal Council is situated in the centre of the town. Commercial and residential spaces for rent closer to this central spot is likely to include a large monthly rental as these are wanted by both businesses and individual tenants. The rentals are high because apartments usually offer parking space, air conditioned rooms and other maintenance support regularly. Amenities like swimming pools, gym, garden and spacious rooftops are other advantages of renting out an apartment, which makes it even more attractive than a furnished new luxury house.