• Kandy
    • 5
    • 4
    • 3000 sqft
    • House

      Rs. 60,000 Per Month

    House for rent

    • Kandy
    • 4
    • 2000 sqft
    • Multipurpose

      Rs. 250,000 /month [125 PSF]

    Commercial Property For Rent In Kandy

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    Properties for rent in kandy 

    Locals and expats alike prefer to move to the city in the hills to enjoy the pleasant surroundings, therefore, properties for sale in Kandy have been experiencing strong growth. Most people prefer to find houses for rent in Kandy in its nearby towns. Rooms, annexes, and spacious 03 bedroom houses with 02 bathrooms are in high demand from students, the working crowd and even large families. Foreigners moving to Kandy look for full-furnished new luxury homes or a small annex for rent in Kandy area that has many rooms with attached bathrooms, fully equipped kitchen and a dining room. 

    The lease and rental charges of properties for rent in Kandy vary based on where the bungalow for rent or house for rent in kandy is located. A house for rent situated in a quiet neighborhood like Aruppola that is close to Kandy town or within walking distance or a few minutes drive to nearby supermarkets is likely to be of a higher rent. 

    It’s not too hard to find a commercial property for rent in Kandy overlooking the Mahaweli River. The Kandy Lake and the Kandy City Center are busy areas in this town. It is a valuable commercial spot. A house for rent in Mawilmada, Kandy is only 1.8 miles away from KCC. With 2 bedrooms with attached bathrooms and a fully tiled living area these rental properties in Kandy Sri Lanka would ideally suit a small family. And because of this demand, the search for houses for rent in Kandy on Facebook and Google searches for houses for rent in Tennekumbura and Nugawela that are in the vicinity has risen significantly.

    Nowadays, many people also prefer an apartment lifestyle over unfurnished or furnished new luxury houses due to its convenience and safety. Multiple new developments appear in this region all the time. Apartments or flats for rent in Kandy or houses for rent in Asgiriya is a preferred choice for lease, especially among the younger generation and expats. 

    These properties for rent in Kandy are even let out in short lease periods. Most visitors to Kandy prefer rooms for rent in Kandy. Annexes are another form of rental property available in many parts of this city. An annex for rent in Asgiriya is known as its landmark, the Asgiriya Stadium. But one thing to be noted is Kandy is a city that is home to people from all walks of life. Here, one can find a simple single room at an affordable rent or lease out a luxurious villa to enjoy their stay. Everyone is equally welcome.