• Kandy
    • 10
    • 2
    • 1600 sqft
    • House

      Rs. 120,000 Per Month

    Calme Heaven Newly build, Fully...

    • Kandy
    • 3
    • 1
    • Room

      Rs. 15,000 Per Month

    Room rent from Kandy.

    • Kandy
    • 9
    • 1
    • 600 sqft
    • Annexe

      Rs. 24,000 Per Month

    One bed room Annex Mawilmada

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    Properties for Rent in Kandy

    With all of the fresh excitement in Kandy, visiting the city frequently does not seem to be enough. Locals and foreigners alike seek to relocate to the city in the hills to take advantage of the nice surroundings. As a result, houses for rent in Kandy and properties for sale in Kandy have seen rapid expansion. Kandy City Council appears to be doing an excellent job of preserving this old city.

    Most individuals like to rent out properties for rent in Kandy and its surrounding areas. Rooms, annexes, and enormous 03 bedroomed homes with 02 baths are in high demand from students, working people, and even large families. Westerners migrating to Kandy search for completely furnished new luxury houses or a small annex for rent in Kandy that includes multiple rooms with connected bathrooms, a fully equipped kitchen, and a dining room. The living room and bedrooms of most semi-luxury and luxury houses for rent in Kandy have tiled floors.

    The lease and rental prices of properties for rent in Kandy vary depending on where the bungalow for rent or house for rent in Kandy is located. A property for rent in a peaceful area like Aruppola that is close to Kandy town or within walking distance or a few minutes drive to neighbouring supermarkets is likely to have a higher rent. In recent years, even annexes have provided enough accommodation. They have one or two bedrooms, associated bathrooms, and occasionally a small kitchen space.

    Gorgeous views of the Mahaweli River, excellent for building holiday homes or resorts, offer a number of luxury properties for rent in Kandy. It's not difficult to discover a business property for rent in Kandy near this spot. Kandy Lake and Kandy City Centre are both busy sites in this municipality. It is a valuable business location. Property for rent in Mawilmada, Kandy, is about 1.8 kilometres from KCC. These rental houses in Kandy, Sri Lanka would be great for a small family, since they have two bedrooms with connected bathrooms and a completely tiled living space. As a result of increasing demand, searches for houses for rent in Kandy on Facebook and Google searches for houses for rent in nearby Tennekumbura and Nugawela have increased dramatically.

    Because of the ease and safety, many individuals nowadays prefer an apartment lifestyle over empty or furnished new luxury mansions. Every day, fresh advancements arise in this area. Apartments or apartments for rent in Kandy or homes for rent in Asgiriya are popular choices for lease, particularly among the younger population and foreigners. Landlords in Kandy who rent out multi-story properties with four bedrooms and adjoining bathrooms may anticipate hefty rents. Especially if the residence is in a desirable location, such as within 15 minutes' drive of the railway station or nearest bus stop.

    These Kandy houses for rent are even available for short-term leases. Most tourists to Kandy prefer to stay in rooms for rent in Kandy. Annexes are another type of rental property that is accessible in various areas of this city. 


    t should be mentioned that Kandy is a city that is home to individuals from many walks of life. Here, one may locate a basic single room for cheap rent or lease out a beautiful villa to enjoy their vacation.