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    Houses for Rent in Kandy

    Sri Lanka is known for people who prefer to own their house. Living under a roof that belongs to them is important for many reasons, such as security, status and comfort. This idea is now changing with people who prefer experience over property. This trend is seen in many of the main cities in the country, one of which is Kandy. The property rental market performs well due to this. The demand for a house for rent in Kandy has faced a continued rise in demand among the many properties for rent in Kandy because families prefer living closer to Kandy town. 

    If the house is located within Kandy city limits, it provides ease of access to all necessary facilities for a comfortable life. Famous landmarks attract many tourists here. This includes the Temple of the Tooth by the Kandy Lake. Holiday homes overlooking the Mahaweli River are popular. The Temple of the Tooth is an iconic location in Kandy. It is within walking distance of the railway station. The Kandy Municipal Council should be congratulated for perfectly maintaining the city, attracting locals and foreigners alike.

    The rental sector is promising because besides a house for rent in Kandy, people can also consider getting a room for rent in Kandy or an apartment for rent in Kandy. This is especially important for middle to low income earners. Although the rental market is only a smaller proportion of the housing stock on the island, the rental segment sells out faster than houses on sale. 

    A basic house with a living room, kitchen area, 2 bedrooms and a bathroom comes at affordable monthly rentals. House for rent in Kandy, annex for rent in kandy or houses with 02 bathrooms and 03 bedrooms will be lower if it is not fully furnished. With furniture, it can cost more. 

    A house with a fully equipped kitchen and furnished living area within a few minutes drive to Kandy town is perfect for vacation rentals. New shopping malls like the Kandy City Center and new flats for rent in Kandy have changed the property landscape.

    But luxury houses on rent, house for rent Peradeniya and guest houses in Kandy, are available in beautiful, quiet neighbourhoods. These are almost as equal bungalows in Kandy and villas in Kandy in space and comfort. Some are multi-storeyed houses, 4 bedrooms, and 3 bathrooms with furniture. They also have a separate dining room, air conditioning, and tiled floor areas similar to a guest house in Kandy town or a luxury house for rent in Aniwatta. The rent will be quite high but totally worth it since most offer scenic views. 

    Houses for sale in Kandy along the Mahaweli River, ideal for a vacation spot, are preferred by boutique hotel owners. They can rent it out to families or large groups who don’t like to live in apartments for rent in Kandy. The city’s beauty is protected enough to make the land for sale in Kandy and rent a house in Aniwatta highly valuable. It is a convenient location to live, especially if the property is within 15 minutes to the nearest bus stand. Its unique views encourage tenants to rent out furnished new luxury houses situated in a quiet location to enjoy a pleasant life inside and outside the home. Whether one wants to buy or rent a house in Kandy, they will not be disappointed. The area has a large real estate portfolio for those wanting a house in kandy or any other property. This includes house for rent in Katugastota, Mawilmada, and Mulgampola. The trick, however though is to know how and where to locate these. 

    You might find a house for rent in Aruppola, Kundasale and Gannoruwa for a reasonable price online than you would when you go in search of it in person. The reason for this may vary depending on different factors, including the mindset of the landlords. But when it is posted officially online on reliable real estate sites, the chances for getting scammed out of your money and potential home are reduced largely! 

    Besides these towns, people also search for houses for rent in Tennekumbura, Nugawela and Asgiriya that are more affordable than a home in Kandy. This has led to an increase in search on Google and improved the number of listings on our website in these areas.