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    House for rent Colombo 13

    Colombo 13 that also goes by the name of Kotahena is a suburb in the metropolitan area of Colombo. With the diversity of Sri Lanka there are different nationalities living here and the town also includes different places of worship, the famous sports stadium Sugadadasa, top schools such as St. Benedict's College and more. Most families living here either purchase a house for sale in the town or reside in houses for rent in Colombo 13. The rental cost for these properties varies based on details such as the number of bedrooms, parking space, etc. While those offered on sale consider the number of floors (i.e. more floors, more costly), added features such as swimming pool facilities as well.

    Kotahena is also a flourishing business district, with many businesses opening up brand new stores or renting out commercial properties in Colombo 9. Those living on a budget in the city mainly hunt for properties such as rooms for rent in Colombo 13 that they can share with a friend or use as boarding rooms by sharing with already living tenants. Families who live here also search for annexes for rent or apartments for rent in Colombo 13 varying based on their budget. While the annexes are much cheaper than houses, apartments offer a lot more facilities. Because of this depending on the priorities of the tenant, their choices may vary. 
    Lands for sale in Colombo 13 that homes are constructed on are quite popular among developers and investors. The properties built are leased out to tenants and generate passive income through rental, capital gains, and property appreciation. For a house that comprises a minimum of 2 bedrooms, the rent in Colombo 13 is generally above LKR 25,000. But with apartments this value is higher because of the amenities offered and the location.