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    House For Rent in Colombo 5

    Colombo 5 is a suburb of Colombo that has also been given the names Narahenpita, Kirulapone, Havelock Town and Thimbirigasyaya. It is home to many people of different races and religions and a well demanded town for properties for rent in Colombo 5 by the elite locals. Especially because of the luxury apartment complex Havelock city, the value of all properties in the town has increased. A house for rent in Colombo 5 would be considerably cheaper than getting an apartment for rent in Colombo 5. However, a comparison between the facilities you’ll be able to enjoy between the two properties would differ vastly. 

    A luxury house for rent in Colombo 5 would be priced almost similar to an apartment or condo you’ll find in this city. It may generally consist of 2-3 bedrooms, attached bathrooms, parking space and a small front garden. They would also be tagged as bungalows for rent in Colombo 5 when listing on real estate websites and are just in demand like a commercial property for rent in Colombo 5.

    The Colombo 5 town has a range of different real estate deals you can sort out through. To be closer to their schools most parents tend to search for a house for rent in Thimbirigasyaya or a house for rent in Narahenpita. While those families with children studying in universities prefer a house for rent in Pamankada or an annex for rent in Colombo 5. Boarding places in the Colombo 5 area are also other options people consider. Overall depending on the needs and expectations of the tenants the type of property they demand varies. 

    But what remains consistent is the general demand for a house for rent in Colombo at a low price. Living in the metropolitan city has many advantages including the high valued land for sale in Colombo 5. But at the same time finding an affordable home in this big city is difficult. Because of this reason, people also tend to search for alternatives like a house for rent in Colombo 6. Though it may be somewhat far away from their original desired location, with the public transport system and well built roadways getting anywhere in the town is easy. 

    Among the different areas that people search for a house for rent in Colombo 5 Poorwarama road and Park road on the Colombo 5 map is quite significant. This is because they connect to many other parts of Colombo city and are convenient shortcuts to get about.