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    Houses for rent in Colombo 9

    Colombo 9 in Sri Lanka, also called Dematagoda and is a town well known for its IT development with many tech companies being set up there. It is also a city that is home or in vicinity of some of the top Colombo schools in Sri Lanka, restaurants, hospitals, apartments and more. The lanka property houses for rent in Colombo 9 are in high demand among families with kids, working professionals and singles. Many of them are designed with 2-3 bedrooms, attached bathrooms, a small garden and parking space. Depending on the budget of the tenant, properties in the area including apartments for rent in Colombo 9, can be found with different features. While the apartments are designed with more details and offer amenities such as swimming pools etc. you might not be able to find these in rental houses. In this case, you can always consider looking for a house for sale in Colombo 9 with such features if you are planning on staying for the long term. 

    With the growth in infrastructure and the constant developments taking place around the area, the lands for sale in Colombo 9 have also become valuable. They are in high demand among commercial businesses contemplating on setting up their headquarters in the area or small businesses looking to tackle competition effectively. The lands are also popular among property investors who build houses and offer for sale in Colombo 9. The plots in the market are available along with pipe facilities, electricity, etc, especially when it is a part of a gated community. When the property is constructed on this Colombo land and the houses are given on rent in Sri Lanka, the landlords are able to earn high returns. Those who own houses in Bambalapitiya also offer their homes on rent in Colombo 4 as an additional source of income.

    Many tenants living temporarily in the town browse through property ads posted on classified sites in Sri Lanka and find the best home that meets their needs. Due to the advanced features offered in some of these platforms, they are also able to sort out the properties and find one within their budget easily. Certain Colombo houses that are owned by homeowners are shared among bachelors/bachelorettes who lease them as rooms for rent in Colombo 9. Through this they are able to find comfortable places to stay for rent in Colombo while saving up on their limited budget as well.