Apartments for sale in Colombo (2154 properties)

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    Apartments for sale in Colombo

    Skyscrapers with a sea view, exclusive clubs with elevated dining areas, casinos with free private parking, swimming pool parties, trendy restaurants, minor eateries with free Wi-Fi, easy-going people, are what define the largest city in the western borders of Sri Lanka. In fact, Colombo Sri Lanka is a melting pot of people, cuisines, traditions, culture and luxury, and semi-luxury apartments for sale in Colombo.

    Regardless of all this, the city has a touch of glamour in everything that happens inside. From dining in a rooftop restaurant at a luxury hotel in Colombo 02 or Colombo 03 to a quick ‘tuk-tuk’ ride in Kollupitiya and Bambalapitiya, adjacent to the famous Galle road, is where the most exciting things happen on a daily basis. As such, finding high quality fully furnished apartments for sale in Colombo, in close proximity to the city center, may not be a difficult task.

    This is where you also get the most glamorous clothing boutiques, the best educational institutes, and serviced apartments in Colombo city. In general, the highest quality of life is found here in areas such as Colombo 01 and Colombo 03. It is a known fact that hundreds and thousands of Sri Lankans are trying their best to find cheap apartments for sale in Colombo or even a place to live amongst the many serviced apartments in Colombo.

    If your worst fear when it comes to buying an apartment in Colombo or a house for sale in Colombo is that there is no garden or greenery, then you should reconsider your fears. Vertical gardening is a phenomenon that has become more and more popular all over the world and recently, as well as among serviced apartments in Colombo Sri Lanka.

    So, what is the best place to buy luxury apartments in Colombo where the real estate market is booming? Kollupitiya is generally considered the best place to buy luxury apartments in Colombo. Can foreigners buy apartments in Colombo? Technically, yes. But, you should get in contact with a local lawyer to iron out the details. 

    The most expensive and luxurious option when it comes to apartments for sale in Colombo is offered by Shangri La. If your budget is generous and if your preferred sale property should be amongst the hustle and bustle, this is a great option to consider.

    Obtaining a centrally located brand new apartment for sale in Colombo, an apartment for rent in Colombo, or even lands for sale in Colombo is a proper investment, even if you only live there for a while. As the city keeps developing exponentially, there is not going to be a decline in the property market, especially vertical homes, since there is a problem of space when it comes to housing the crowds that migrate to this city.

    The key advantage of Colombo serviced apartments and flats for sale in Colombo Sri Lanka is that you can always sell them or rent them out, as there will always be a high demand for apartments in Colombo. The most basic facilities found in such serviced apartments in Colombo include hot and cold water, a terrace, bedrooms with air conditioning, a master bedroom, bedroom 2 bathroom with a washing machine, secure parking, and telephone facilities. The location also plays a major role when it comes to such a home but this is not a big problem as most of them are located in convenient places within the heart of the city.