Bare Land
    • Kurunegala
    • 1
    • 12.5 P 
    • Bare Land

      Rs. 140,000 Per Perch

    land for sale pannala


    15 perches bare land for sale in Rajagiriya

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    යක්කල -වීරගුල, නුවර කොළඹ පාරට නු...

    Per Perch

    මහනුවර - හීරස්සගල සුන්දර හන්තා...

    Per Perch

    රාගම නගර මධෘයේ සුන්දර කෙත් යාය...

    Per Perch

    මාතර - තල්පාවිල අගන බිම් කොටස්...

    Per Perch

    කඩවත - මහර නව නුවර පාරට සමීපයෙන්...

    Per Perch
    Coconut land
    • Narammala
    • 1
    • 47 acres 
    • Coconut land

      Rs. 10M Per Acre

    Prime Coconut Land for Sale

    Land with house
    • Kurunegala
    • 5
    • 13.25 P 
    • Land with house

      Rs. 2.3M Per Perch

    A Valuable land for sale

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    Lands for Sale in Kurunegala

    Located in North Western Province, Kurunegala’s historic municipality can be denoted as one of the most affluent cities found in Sri Lanka. Considered as the capital of the province, this metropolis plays a vital role to uplift the overall economy of the country. As such, properties for sale and properties for rent in Kurunegala including coconut land in Kurunegala, are some of the most sought-after real estate assets seen in the country. This may include the popular land for sale in Kurunegala District, but may also include apartments and houses with lands for sale in Kurunegala seen throughout this landscape. 

    If you are looking for land sale companies in Kurunegala to buy lands for sale in Kurunegala Sri Lanka, be it simple lot lands in Kurunegala or 150 acres Coconut land for sale in Kurunegala, remember to consider the below facts before making your final decision. Let's assume that in your search for properties for sale in Kurunegala, you have come across a coconut land divided into two blocks of 75 acres as block A and block B. However, you do not have enough money to buy this property. If so, then perhaps you might want to consider coconut land for sale in Kuliyapitiya, where you can find an equally high-quality coconut estate consist of 150 acres, yet for a much cheaper price. Such a property will also come with all the necessary facilities to make your investment a long-term success. 

    The prime lands in Kurunegala town limit in Kurunegala Map, are some of the most valuable seen in the country. As such, if we assume that in your quest for one of the properties for sale in Kurunegala, you are looking to buy a house for sale with land, a property with coconut trees built on a 15 perch land facing a paddy field that also has access to a carpeted road. If this is what you want, then land for sale in Kandy road might offer exactly what you expect from a land in Kurunegala or any land for sale in Sri Lanka. However, if you want bare land for sale in Kurunegala lake round, ideally a 10-15 perches land, then go for a property located close to the North Lake Road. Similarly, if you want land for sale on Kurunegala Colombo road, then a property located in Wanduragala might offer the best opportunities. 

    Among those interested in cultivating, the agricultural land for sale in Kurunegala is highly popular. As the area is also ideal with its temperate climate, different types of crops are available in abundance. But for businesses looking to set up a permanent venue in the town, the commercial property for sale in Kurunegala has been used to build offices and shops that meet their needs and requirements. And so, there is always a search for ‘aduwata idam in kurunegala’ among buyers whether they are looking for house and land or an apartment.