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      Rs. 2.5M Per Perch

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    Bare Land
    • Kottawa
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    • 6.3 P 
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      Rs. 750,000 Per Perch

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    Lands for Sale in Kottawa

    The Kottawa town, which is located at an intersection on the high level road is actually situated roughly at the centre of the Colombo District. It is a fast-growing area that has shown great potential over the past few years with its land for sale in Kottawa rising in value. It is a city that came into prominence after the population density of the country’s commercial capital exceeded unsustainable levels. This resulted in a shortage of valuable land in Sri Lanka while increasing prices for the available blocks of lands in kottawa. This has prompted property seekers to look for properties for sale in Kottawa, within 1 km from Kottawa town, to fulfill their property needs. As a result, many started moving within walking distance to this suburban municipality’s residential area, which in term helped to boost its local economy. 

    However, simply being located close to Colombo is not the only reason why this zone has become a favourite among local property seekers who want to buy land in kottawa and properties for rent in Kottawa. One of the most important aspects of this area is that it is well connected with the rest of Sri Lanka, with easy access to highways, expressways and even railway lines, in addition to the dozens of government-run and privately owned transport services seen here. For example, the A4 highway that connects the country’s commercial capital with the easternmost city of Batticaloa runs through this area, while the highway entrance to the Southern Expressway is only about 2 km away to the east. Apart from that, the Railway Station that connects with the township of Avissawella is located only around 200 m away from the city centre, making this municipality an excellent place for anyone who wants to live here. 

    As mentioned above, the real estate market in the kottawa map has seen an upsurge for the past few years with many property hunters arriving here in search of commercial or residential properties for sale in Kottawa. People have also been searching for land for sale around nearby areas like Pannipitiya, Makumbura, Homagama, Maharagama and Rukmalgama to construct houses, build businesses and more. In fact, land for sale in Athurugiriya which is in the vicinity, has experienced a tremendously growing demand.

    A commercial building for sale in Kottawa, land for sale in the Kottawa area or a block of land for rent, located within walking distance of Kottawa town, are some of the most popular options. Most properties here are simple lot/ land properties that are ready for development through local developers such as Prime Homes Pvt, who also owns the prime residencies Kottawa. However, properties such as houses for sale with land, a building or even agricultural lands for sale in Kottawa are also widely available either for buying or for a lease. These properties will offer essential amenities such as electricity and pipe borne water for no extra charge. 

    Land for sale in Sri Lanka is a lifelong asset with a lot of value. Similarly, when these lands for sale in Colombo or its district develop, it impacts overall land value and not just land in Kottawa. So when buying property with land for sale, consider the further development of the area as well to benefit from capital gains someday.